Who can be a part of Gateway Business Leaders?

Our heart is to serve every businessperson at Gateway. At the present time, to best steward our resources, candidates for the program are business owners and corporate leaders. Corporate Leaders are defined as Presidents, C-Level Executives of private and public corporations that have more than 100 employees, and Vice Presidents that oversee at least 50 employees. If you are an eligible candidate based on the above criteria, we invite you to apply.

If I am a candidate, how do I sign up to be a part of Gateway Business Leaders?

Each candidate goes through an initial application process to determine their eligibility for GBL.  Click here to apply.


Do I have to be a Gateway Church member to apply to Gateway Business Leaders?

No. The program is open to all Christian business leaders in the local area who meet the criteria for GBL membership.


Once I am a part of Gateway Business Leaders can I invite guests to GBL events, etc.?

All Gateway Business Leaders’ events are invitation only for GBL members.  Members may invite guests to our events who meet the criteria of being a business owner, president, chief executive officer, vice president, or C-level executive.

When are your upcoming events and how do I register for them?

You must be a member of the Gateway Business Leaders program to be eligible to attend any of our events. If you are an eligible program candidate, we invite you to apply.

If you are a GBL Member, please login and go to the Events page. 

I am the CEO, President, or Executive Director of a non-profit. Can I participate in the program?


Gateway Church offers a series of classes taught by seasoned leaders of non-profits through our Global Ministries department.  

I am starting a new business. Can I participate?

If you are starting your first business, you likely will benefit from other resources such as OCEAN ACCELERATOR which focuses more on starting and launching a new business venture.  We hope to develop a curriculum in the future for starting a business.

What does a typical business group look like?

Please go to the our Groups page to find out about GBL business groups.

How often do business groups meet?

GBL business groups meet 10 times each semester. The first semester typically begins in January and ends in June.  The second semester typically begins in July and ends in November.  The groups meet for two hours twice a month.

Does Gateway Business Leaders use a curriculum for groups and mentoring?

GBL uses a custom designed curriculum for the groups and mentoring programs.


How do I apply to join a business group?

Once you apply and are accepted into the Gateway Business Leaders program, you can then apply to participate in a Gateway Business Leaders group.


How do I apply to facilitate a business group?

Once you apply and are accepted into the Gateway Business Leaders program, you can then apply to facilitate a business leaders group.


I am not a business owner. Do you have corporate groups?

We do not have corporate groups at this time, but have plans to develop a corporate group program in the future.


Do you offer classes?

We offer classes at different times throughout the year.  If you are a GBL member, you will receive emails notifying you when the classes begin, or you can review available classes in the Training section of the Member portal.  


Do you offer coaching or consulting for small business owners and entrepreneurs?

We do not offer coaching or consulting at this time.  We are in the process of developing a consulting program where GBL members have access to consultants at discounted rates.

I’ve been successful in business, but I am a new Christian. Will the events, trainings, and groups help me in this early stage of my faith?

While our ministry is focused on supporting business leaders, our heart is to help you become a better disciple of Jesus. Each of our events, trainings, and groups are designed to help you to both implement better business practices and deepen your relationship with God.

I do not attend Gateway Church. Can I implement Gateway Business Leaders at my church?

Part of our vision is to make the Gateway Business Leaders available to other churches in the future.  At this time, we are still developing the program and will make it available in the future.

We Invite All Eligible Candidates to Apply

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